About the skin paintings

Human skin is the focus: its texture, damage and decay; the impermanence and vulnerability; skin as the final barrier between ourselves and our surroundings.

Alda works mainly from photographs of acquaintances, sometimes using herself as model. The viewpoint is usually direct. She selects a piece of skin or part of a body, and magnifies it enormously such that it is almost an abstract image, a veritable landscape of skin. Small but telling residual details often define which part of the body is being portrayed.

The observer is confronted with everyday damage to the skin: damage from constrictions and ligatures, illnesses and operations, and ageing. These are images that everybody knows, but they still surprise us, owing to the way in which they are magnified and framed. The images are sometimes reinforced by adding other, disparate elements, such as a piece of clothing, a jewel, or a shoe.

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